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Precious metals are the most expensive global "currency" industry. The PROXIMO GOLD LTD offers to become a part of it. Become the owner of precious resources from around the world today and receive interest every day, because it is a reliable contribution to the future. Remember, the ability to use resources is exactly what distinguishes humans from the animal world.

invest and earn

What is needed to become a client of the PROXIMO GOLD LTD?

You need to register on the official site of the company. For this purpose, You need to click on the 'Registration' and enter your data.

How much does the creation of the account cost?

The creation of the investor`s account is absolutely free.

The system asks to enter the password. Where can I get it?

Make up an alphanumeric combination. Keep this consistency reliably. This combination will be your password in future.

How can I open the deposit?

For this purpose, You need to recharge the balance of the account by clicking on the 'Make new deposit' in Personal Account and to select the investment plan, whereby the investment will be made.

What payment systems are available for working with the Proshimogold system?

We work with Bitcoin, Litecoin and AdvancedCash.

How soon after the payment the funds will be added to account?

As a rule, money transfer occurs immediately, after three network confirmations

What is the limitation on the number of deposits?

You can make unlimited number of deposits. The amount is regulated depending on the tariff, you have chosen.

During what period I will get my first profit?

You will be able to get your first profit 24 hours later after opening of any investment offer.

How does the charging of profit?

The charging of the profit is in automatic mode, according to the chosen plan. The dividends are charged on your account balance 1 time per 24 hours. And after that, they are available for the withdrawal. Withdrawals are manual. Normally all payment requests are being cleared within 24 hours.

What is minimum amount to withdraw?

Minimum amount to withdraw: 0.0005 BTC and 0.035 LTC

How can I get an additional profit?

It`s pretty simple, for this purpose You need to invite new participants to our project by your referral link. You will receive 5% - 1% - 1% of the sum of them investments in addition. This bonus is add to your account balance and is immediately available for withdrawal.

Where can I get this referral link?

Your referral link is available in 'Personal Account', in the section 'My Referrals'.

How to become a representative?

Your personal deposit must be from 0.1 BTC. You must send a request to the administrator on the contacts page or in the Telegram chat room.

Can I register several accounts?

It`s forbidden to use more than one active account for the investment process and cooperation with the company. In identifying more than one investor`s active account, all the accounts of this investor will be blocked without prior notice and subsequent negotiations. 'Active account' is an account, using of which the client has already made a deposit.

I`ve registered, but lost my password. What should I do?

For such cases, we can offer two solutions. The first is to use a special form for recovery (standard way). Secondly, contact our support team and follow their instructions.

I have a question, the answer to which I couldn`t find on the company`s website. What should I do?

If You have questions, the answers to which, for various reasons, weren`t reflected on pages of project`s official site, use one of the feedback forms, which are provided by Administration of Company for accelerating the process of interaction between the company and its each investor.